by Laura Curta

I create thought- provoking and engaging workshops focused on self- leadership to help individuals and companies grow and evolve stronger and in a congruent way.

The ultimate goals: self- empowerment

I believe an individual, once encouraged and supported knows best how to reach pick productivity, shed limiting beliefs and build a balanced life. This is why my workshops bring to the public many techniques and methods that participants can use at home, at work, by themselves and with the people around them. 

Down-to- Earth

The techniques I suggest, the exercises I propose are mostly inspired by CBT teachings and meant to promote self- awareness and a balanced connection between thoughts, emotions and actions.

My workshops are well researched and I teach what I truly believe in. 

No empty motivation speeches. 

No false hope.

For everyone

Knowledge is power when we share this knowledge. 

If you are looking for offering workshops on personal- development for the large public, my workshops will interest you. 

I am here to work together with those who also believe that emotional well- being education should reach as many people as possible. 


"It was interesting and relaxing at the same time. The agenda wasn't full of many topics which were great because it gave us time to digest the content. Eye-opening exercises." 

"It was an enlighting workshop. You have been cheerful and interacting a lot with us." 

Interactive workshops

It's important to learn and practice what you learn. This is why my workshops move away from the lecture type of events and move towards thought-provoking, hands-on, interesting activities.

For companies

Once you support employees' personal- development you support their overall well- being. 

Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business. 


"I loved everything. All these changes will make me a happier person. You are great. Thank you!" 

"Everything was well thought out. The workbook was easy to understand and use." 

"It was fun and interesting. The thing I was happy to find out about and almost made me cry was "demandingness". I always think "I should...", "They should...", "Why don't they...". Every single day. I have a lot of stress because of this." 

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