I felt Laura was genuinely interested in helping me. Often checked how I was doing, and reminded me to practice what we have agreed. She was patient and willing to listen what you have to say. Also generous with her time. She is someone you can easily open up with.


I had two amazing sessions with Laura. She is very approachable, people orientated and tries to understand everyone's needs. I strongly recommend her!

Faiza H.:


You have been a wonderful support to me. Especially helped me a lot with analyzing things, helped me improve my thinking skills and also helped me find a different side of myself which I was not able to discover all by myself. You have helped me see things in various aspects after which I have seen improvements in myself in terms of my emotional controls and behavioral management. I really admire you for being such a positive person giving me a positive feeling too after every session I had with you.

Danny C.:

I had a terrific breakthrough session with Laura. She was very helpful in me realizing some things that were holding me back. She is very personable and caring. I highly recommend her.

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