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Are you wasting your time waiting?

Sorry, you don't get more time...

From all resources we have at hand, time is the only one that cannot be stored, bought, created. You have a certain amount of time and once it's passed, it is gone for good and you can't have more.

And we are good at wasting the time. I know, I am. And some days, boy, I waste time even when I have a to-do list in front of my eyes...

But while some tasks can be postponed, cancelled or delegated, there is something that if we don't get done no one will do it for us and this cannot really be rescheduled: SOLVING OUR PROBLEMS.

Take ownership

Life is simply too short to wait for someone to solve our problems. And usually, problems without owner will remain unsolved and will be a constant burden.

No one will take out from your shoe the small pebble that hurts you.

"But John created all of these! Why should I clean up his mess?"

Because while you can't control John, you can control how you answer to the consequences of John's action. And if these are a burden for you, OWN IT AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

No matter if the problems come from inside or outside, OWN YOUR PROBLEMS AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEM!

But... HOW?

-Admit that you have a problem.

Be honest with yourself and admit that something is not right: maybe is how you feel about yourself, about something that someone did, about the situation you are in, about a relationship. If you listen to your body you will feel when things are not quite right. -Figure out what do you want.

Ask yourself what do you want: we tend to know very well what we DO NOT WANT. But rarely we can answer to the question: WHAT DO YOU WANT? -Be realistic.

Check if what you want is sustainable. Depending on the situation, you might have to take other's needs in consideration, you might have to consider if you have the necessary resources, etc.


Now you know what is wrong, what do you want and you figured out how you can get what you want. Now go and take back the power!

Be creative and solve the problem looking at it from all angles, trying to understand it and above all, by aligning your solutions with your goals and values.

So... Are you wasting time waiting to be saved from the tight clasp of your problem? Or are you going to take over and own your life?

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