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7 Mistakes of Goal Setting #1

Hold tight to that pen and paper as if your goals depend on it!

Because... they do.

I do to- do lists, and I write down my goals on a notepad or my cute little whiteboard.

They are always there, in front of my eyes, never out of sight and I also get the satisfaction of ticking them off when they are done. Win-win.

And this brings me to the first grave mistake of goal setting:

Not writing down your goals.

Scientists say that when we write the brain not only learns by seeing what we write but also learns from the movement of the hand. The brain encodes and processes the information differently when we write things down. We remember more when we write, and we can see situations from different angles when they are on paper. When we take the time to sit and use the movement of our hand to write and reflect, transform into words what we see in our mind's eye, we help out brain to think...

Let's look at why to write your goals down:

- your handwriting stands out and cries for your attention- most things what you get to read during the day are typed. Even though there are different types of fonts, printed communication is monotone, linear. Your handwriting is unique, and your eyes will pick it up.

- give yourself time to think. When you use a pen to write, you do so slower than when you type. This provides time to think. And later one, when you plan your actions, trust me, you will need time to consider wisely your moves.

- throwing your goals away will be hard: a written down goal is there to be seen. Place it somewhere you can see it often: only the fact that you see it every day keeps you accountable. If nothing is done, you will end up asking yourself why you don't just do it instead of putting effort into avoiding it or ignoring it... or maybe the goal needs to be reconsidered and adjusted? Give it a second thought before you throw it away...

- remind yourself three times about your goal. When you set a goal you see it in your mind. When you write it down, your brain has to see it again to help you write. Additionally, after you think about the goal and write it down, you will think and imagine your goal the third time while you read what you wrote. Practically, since the goal is born and written down, it passes three times through your mind. That’s what I call always being present in one’s mind!

- you will remember more- setting a goal is not just stating that you will do or achieve this and that. To set a goal that takes you far, you should not only think about what you want but also envision it, think about the result and how that makes you feel, how that will add value in your life, etc. Use your imagination and catch its fruits on paper. Use your handwriting to trap on paper your goals and how those goals will make a difference in your life.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Start writing down your goals. Use the good old paper and pen. Write, draw, make arrows and circles, underline and write with majuscules.

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