Plan like a Pro

All the knowledge and the planners you need to start managing your tasks & your time better

My FREE guide is going directly to the point: learn how to stay focus, set priorities and keep procrastination away.

This guide will teach you:

  • how to gain awareness of how you currently spend your time

  • how to prioritise

  • how to schedule your activities

  • how to keep yourself focused without straining your willpower

  • how to make weekly and daily plans

  • how to create realistic To-do lists

  • identify thoughts that cause procrastination

  • how to organise and declutter your mind


Are you ready for doing more in less time and with less stress?

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I am Laura, and I am a life coach. 

I was quite an organised person my whole life... until I had too much time on my hands (read: until I was unemployed). For one year, the procrastination level was 124685, and my mental health started to go down on a very steep spiral. With procrastination came frustration, self-esteem issues, resentment, anger, tears and a constant feeling of uselessness. 

So my coach (my life changed so much once I decided to ask for some help) taught me to manage my time better and deal with all the thoughts that backed me in a corner and bullied me into vegetating. 

Now I have an excellent system where I get clear on the priorities, make sure I have time for myself, plan realistically, and even when I have a lot to do, I do not feel that old feeling of panic and dread. 

I created this guide hoping that others can benefit from my experience with task and time managing. I hope you will read it and then either use it as it is or make adjustments to fit you and your needs better.  

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