Know how to deal with stress and worries

calmly and with confidence

 A FREE step-by-step guide on how to manage your emotions, do what matters and make decisions you will not regret later… yes, even when s**t hits the fan

This is a short handbook about what you can do when you have to make choices during stressful times.

This guide will:

  • Give you two simple, practical and easy to apply strategies about how to make decisions and face worries

  • Teach you how to ride emotional waves and help you find ways to do so that fit you

  • Help you organise your thoughts

  • Help you identify and communicate your needs 

  • Boost your confidence and your problem-solving skills


Are you ready to stand tall and confident in the face of any challenge?

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I am Laura, and I am a life coach. 

Until not long ago I was a Double- Checker. 

When I was making decisions, I was always looking for confirmation from others. 

But it wasn’t that casual, “I want to hear your opinion” inquiry. 

I was more of an “I do not know what to do, this situation is overwhelming, I have no idea what I really want!” thing. 


Needless to say, I never found someone who knew more than I did about what was a good decision. And that’s because NO ONE CAN KNOW WHAT YOU NEED, WANT AND EXPECT FROM LIFE if you don’t know yourself!


Since I was able to get clear on how I felt about each situation and what I needed and wanted, I now make choices so much easier and with such confidence! 

My partner noticed that my confidence went up, I say NO and YES much more enthusiastically, my priorities are much more clear and honestly, even if a decision flops, I do not regret it. 

I feel like I have started to become an expert in my own life. 


Are you willing to embrace the same feelings?

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