1:1 online coaching

Coaching right in your home. 

No need to travel. 

No need to leave the house. 

Book now your first coaching session and let's meet online!

Walk & Talk

Nature heals.

Nature reduces stress and keeps us grounded. 

Combine the benefits of coaching with fresh air, a good walk and calm nature.


The walks can happen in Eindhoven or Geldrop, the Netherlands. 

Power Session

Dive deep into a min. 2-hour coaching session to understand and address what is holding you back. 

This is a highly practical session, filled with exercises and reflection time in order to reach faster the goals you have. 

What I can help you with

Dealing with stress and worries

Procesing and overcoming self-critical, unhelpful thoughts

Finding balance and motivation

Overcoming insecurities and low self-confidence