After more than 50 successful workshops in the Netherlands and Lithuania, I created the most practical program to help women build and strengthen their confidence in themselves and their decisions.


you can & you will!

Learn how to deal with stress and worries with calm, confidence and trusting your decisions. 

In just 4 weeks.


JOIN the WAITING LIST for a 60 EUR discount. 

Is facing changes in your life an overwhelming and stressful experience?

Any small change in any area of your life can be a great source of stress if you do not believe in yourself enough: if you do not believe in your ability to cope, to problem-solve, to find help and make decisions aligned with your values.

Join this for 4-week group coaching to understand stress and worries and learn to deal with them confidently.
It is a chance to grow into a confident, assertive and more courageous version of yourself.

This is why it is worth joining:

  • Learn how to have complete trust in your decisions and yourself (especially under stress)

  • Learn how to express your emotions and what each of them means

  • Learn how to find the root cause of your stress and worry

  • Learn simple, practical and easy to apply techniques of dealing with challenging moments 

  • Gain awareness of what you want out of a situation and what you need to navigate life's challenging times

  • Gain the ability to communicate clearly and assertive in times of stress

  • Learn how to deal with worries and how to worry less

  • Address the negative and unhelpful beliefs that prevent you from moving on to the next stage of your life with confidence

  • Learn how to create, implement and stick to new habits beneficial for your mental well-being

  • Understand how to prevent everyday stress from building up



But… I think I can handle it; it’s not THAT bad!

Of course, you can handle it! I do not doubt that. After all, somehow, we can all endure huge pain, but if there’s help available and a painkiller, why not take it?

How much time are you willing to spend until you figure it out? seems that there is no way out of my situation!

Indeed, sometimes we have to go through the river, at its deepest. There’s no bridge, no rope, no nothing to spare us the effort. Nevertheless, EVEN in these moments, we can decide our attitude towards life. Viktor Frankl said, “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms - to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's way.” Are you willing to learn how you can take advantage of this one true freedom?


But… In the grand scheme of things, my challenge seems so tiny, and I should be able to take care of it.

Firstly, this “I should” is something you... should leave behind. It puts enormous pressure on you in these stressful times. Secondly, have you ever seen what extensive damage a small stone can do on a windshield? Yes, a small rock! 

Nothing in this life happens without leaving a mark. And it is up to you if you choose to disconsider your pain and fight this alone or bring in some help, enjoy the support you can get and learn how to handle the following change better. Your small source of pain can be precisely that- a source of pain or the start of an extraordinary self-awareness and growth journey.

This is what you'll receive:


  • A weekly, live 2 hrs group call (in total, 8 hours of coaching and workshops)

  • Access to a private accountability group

  • Advice, feedback and insights from a certified life coach

  • Workbooks and worksheets for you to keep and use

  • A private coaching session for you to use when you feel the need for extra help or guidance

JOIN the WAITING LIST for a 60 EUR discount. 

This is right for you if:

  • you are ready for a mindset change

  • you think it's time to break free from unhelpful nagging inner-criticism and self-deprecation

  • you want to gain more confidence in your problem-solving skills

  • you have an open mind

  • you are willing to look at things from different perspectives

  • you are ready to look inwards and get in touch with your emotions and thoughts

  • you do not see yourself as the victim of circumstances

  • you want to work on your soft skills

  • you are interested in self-development and your mental well-being

  • you are done and over feeling shame, pitty and disappointment over who you are, how you look or how you live, just because social trends or social norms dictate how life should be

We will deal with life's changes more frequently than we will enjoy stability...

Moving to the Netherlands was a significant change for me. I left a country I loved (and still consider home) to move in with the most amazing man I ever met. 

So here I am, living in one of the wealthiest countries in Europe, in love, having everything I ever asked for… but all was off. 

I could see what a good life I had, but I couldn’t enjoy it. And then I was putting myself down thinking that I am an ungrateful b**ch, as if one sadness wasn’t enough. 

I spent almost one year like this. I saw friends back at home building careers, getting promoted, starting families and buying houses. Social media and social norms were telling me that I was... off. 

My partner, bless his heart, was listening to me and trying to comfort me, but he, too, advised me to go and talk with someone who can be objective and knew how to help better than him. 

Please keep in mind that this misery lasted one year... Then I talked with a life coach. 

This life coach helped me take a closer look at how I was thinking and feeling about moving countries. With a bit of help, my perspective shifted, and I was calm enough to be able to decide how I want to live from now on: I wanted to be more resilient, resourceful, hopeful and composed, especially when s**t hit the fan (let’s be realistic, we will deal with life changes more frequently than we will enjoy stability).

Now, do you know how long it took me to do these mindset changes and learn how to create a better life for myself? Three months (about eight coaching sessions!!!!)

So yeah… I know how it is to try to figure it out on your own, to hope that discomfort will pass, to try to put a brave mask on… and then to end up, anyway, asking for help and feeling like a new world of possibilities and opportunities and peace opens its gates for you.




About me



My name is Laura, and I am a life coach working with women who go through or want to prepare for a moment of change and trasition in their lives. 

I have lived away from my home country for seven years already. After struggling with being flexible in times of change, I concluded that life brings more change than peace. If we look closer, no day passes without bringing some sort of change in our schedule, routine, plans, habits, etc. And each of these changes is a potential source of stress. 

One of the things I am most proud of is that I came to make peace with the act of asking for help and accepting help.

In all his wisdom, Victor Frankl said that there’s nothing noble in suffering if you do not have to suffer. And my life experience puts me on his side. 

I am currently based in the Netherlands, in a town near Eindhoven. I enjoy my life here with my partner and our adopted doggie. When I do not work (I am constantly trying to find a balance between the work I love and private life!) I read, walk in nature, go to the gym or sit in my armchair and stare in the nothingness.

I am a certified life coach, and besides working with women 1:1, I offer workshops and training programs, all related to the skills one needs for a fulfilled expat life, both at home and at the workplace. 

I have coached wonderful women who contacted me when they have foreseen a significant change coming their way. 

I have coached ambitious women who decided to change the way they lived and think so that they would enjoy greater self-confidence. 

I have coached bright women who decided that fighting their battles alone was a long and slow process that brought little results, so they decided to get help. And low and behold! They found how much resourcefulness was hidden inside them once they turned their focus inwards.


Yes, you can & you will!


Learn in 4 weeks how to deal with the stress and worries with calm, confidence and trusting your decisions. 

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