How to Deal With the Changes an Immigrant Faces

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  • How to create more happiness and equilibrium in your life so you enjoy the beginning of a new life abroad together with everyone that matters. ​

  • Which is the number one cause of feeling lost and dissatisfied when you are an expat and how to avoid living in the past.

  • How to become aware of your mindset using techniques from one of the most successful, no-nonsense forms of therapy: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.


  • How to discover what’s meaningful to you and make congruent decisions that you won’t regret later.  


  • Why people who are clear on their values manage to overcome challenges easier and make better decisions.


  • Ways to use the challenges you face as an expat to grow as a person, discover your strengths, work on your weaknesses, become resilient, and set sensible goals.

  • Simple ways of building a fulfilling life for yourself and those dear to you. 

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My story



I am so happy you are here!


Let me introduce myself: I am Laura and I am a life coach for expats.

From having it all...

My story starts when I moved to Vilnius for a (what I thought it would be) 10 months volunteering project. I fell in love with the country and I stayed 3,5 years. Oh, I had such a good life! It wasn’t a worry free life but it was a happy, light and blessed life. I was independent: I had a good job, a good salary, good company and I was happy with myself and on my own. 



To hitting the rock bottom...

When I thought I knew where life would take me, I had the good fortune of meeting an amazing, fun and smart Dutch man. After a few back and forth flights, it made sense for me to move to the Netherlands. Aaaaaaand…. Things went downhill fast. Like… above the legal speed limit fast…


Now I became completely dependent on someone else, the prospects of finding a job to bring fulfillment were zero and I simply didn’t feel like being home.


I sank in a dark pit for about a half a year. I tried to keep myself busy, to stay positive, to hope… Nothing worked. Everything was substandard, nothing could compare with what I had and the worst of it all, there seemed to be no light at the end of the tunnel… while the tunnel was long and pitch dark. 


And climbing again up, towards a better life

I needed a coach to help me understand and overcome my negative and unhelpful thoughts and then I started slowly but surely building my confidence up, understanding what are my strengths, accepting my weaknesses, discovering my boundaries, being OK with where I was and doing the best I could with what I was given. After you hit the rock bottom, the only direction to go is up. 


Now helping brings joy and a purpose to my everyday life

And it took me all this to realize that a better life is possible and it’s not rocket science nor an impossible goal. Once I started to be OK and at peace with myself, I feel good no matter where I am or in which circumstance. The same is true for you! 

I want to teach people what I have learned, to want to cheer for you and walk with you on the path towards greater confidence, awareness, resilience, courage and accomplishment. I believe everyone can learn, grow and have a better life. 

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