After more than 15 successful workshops for expats in the Netherlands and Lithuania, I created the most practical program to help immigrant women adapt to a new life easier.

How to start anew


Learn some of the best methods of dealing with life’s challenges.

In just 6 weeks.

Stop wishing to be somewhere else or someone else!

Life has changed. Changed deeply


Always worried about what might come, always wishing things were different. NEVER enjoying the moment. 


Sounds familiar?


Many women follow their partners abroad and many (if not all!) their big, ambitious plans come crashing down mere months after the move. Reasons? Many: the language barrier, poor job market, too much competition, education which becomes irrelevant, homesick, cultural shock… the list can continue and continue… What would you add?


Your life has changed. Changed deeply. What you used to do to feel happy and fulfilled doesn’t work anymore and if you keep doing what you are doing right now will take you on the highway to depression and feeling that your life has not an ounce of meaning.


How long are you willing to carry on like this?


And it is not just the career that suffers… Your relationship suffers. Do you have children? Even they will pick up your emotional distress, no matter how much you will try to hide it. Your self-image suffers. Your body will fall ill if you do not allow your emotions to unfold and if you do not take charge of your life. What good is a new beginning if your mind and body give up on you?


The road forward cannot be followed if you carry the sense of meaningless that you carry now.

Fulfilment cannot be achieved without a goal and a purpose. Happiness and a good life is not something you get by worrying every day, each day, all day.

Ready to make a change?

  • But... the job market is bad. 

  • I have children and I am very busy. 

  • The language here is so complicated!

  • I feel like I do not have an ounce of energy or motivation...

  • This country is not what I expected...

  • I do not have the confidence I need to start again...

  • I do not see a point in any of this...

  • I do not know why I agreed on living abroad...

I believe that everyone can learn, grow and improve their lives. Regardless of the circumstances. 

I did it- you, too, can do it!

Pay ONLY 157 EURO until the 1st of October

The course starts on the 15th of October

Do not worry about money!

You can also pay in installments, 

2 x 85 EUR

It is not "just a phase"!


I, myself, felt into the pit of despair after moving abroad. And I had everything I needed and then some more: an amazing and supportive partner, no worries about money, food or shelter, emotional-support... BUT I was still… lost. 


Something wasn’t right. Small (but important for me) things were not as I wished them to be and that was causing me a lot of distress. I had wanted my old life back: I used to have a good job, a more than generous salary, a place of my own and I felt that I belonged to the land. 

I was lost and on the verge of losing all my energy to enjoy life, the world was a dark and barren place to be and people… they all were having a life and a purpose, leaving me behind. 


At first, I thought it was “just a phase”. I was wrong. Then, I thought I could deal with it all on my own. I was wrong. After about a year (yes, 365 days!!!) I decided to ask for help- enough was enough, I knew that soon I would even be running out of tears to cry!


Asking for help was the first step towards my emotional liberation and the best decision I have ever taken. 


I cried at my first life coaching session! I can’t remember more than one or two moments in my life when I cried so much. I had a little voice in my head saying that I will never be happy, no matter what I try to do… I am where I am and this is my sentence for life. Imagine the pain!


Do you know how many times I met my coach until I felt strong enough to slowly but surely walk into the world all by myself? About 6 sessions! I swam in a bottomless, cold, muddy pool of self- loathing, despair and hopelessness for 12 months when 6 coaching sessions could have saved me! How long will you wait until you ask for help?


Now I can’t complain about my life. Is it an easy ride? No.

But now I know I can handle everything.

I know my strengths, I trust myself, I know how to communicate even better with my partner.

I found my purpose, my passion and I decided whom I want to be and how I want to live my life.

I am going to put it frankly:


Pay ONLY 157 EURO until the 1st of October

Now I know this much:


Pay ONLY 157 EURO until the 1st of October

Full price: 217 EURO

This course can be applied in any given circumstances. 

  • Invest 9 hours in your self- development; the course consists of 6 weekly meetings, each of 90 minutes. ​

  • Gain in 6 weeks the knowledge you would otherwise gather after reading books after books, attending classes after classes and paying for expensive programs.

  • Find out how you can have a better relationship with yourself, with your new circumstances and with those dear to you. 

  • Work on all aspects of emotional well- being: from deciphering your thoughts to naming your needs, from finding out your core values to making decisions you won’t regret later, from finding the purpose of your life to how to set goals with meaning. 

About me...



I am Laura Curta, 


A life coach for expats, personal- development trainer. 


I love learning and I want to help...

Becoming a life coach was my way of grabbing the bull by the horns and deciding to follow an old passion and rely on my natural skills. 


I am a life coach with more than 200 hours of classes and practice. I am a certified life coach in the Netherlands, being thought of as one of the best coaches and counsellors in the area. I also polished off and improved my skills while being an active member of Kain Ramsey’s (author of Responsibility Rebellion) community of applied- psychology practitioners. 


I have delivered workshops in the Netherlands and Lithuania, I run a book club focused on personal development books and I also work with immigrants in private 1:1 sessions. 


My journey: from Cluj to Vilnius and Eindhoven...

I left my home country, Romania, right after I finished university. I went to Vilnius as a volunteer, planning to return and continue my studies, dreaming to be a tour- guide and finish a PhD degree. Life, though, had different plans. I fell in love with Vilnius, so I stayed about 3,5 years there. I moved to the Netherlands with my Dutch partner (who, ironically, I met in Vilnius).


While in Vilnius I had a good job, a more than generous salary and what I would call “a life of my own”, living in the Netherlands will bring many more challenges, surprises and lessons. So I started my business as a way of dealing with unemployment, I decided to follow my passion in order to give life meaning and I went back to school in order to keep my mind sharp and my skills up to date, and I worked on my mindset in a conscious, determined way in order to learn to do the best I could with what I was given. 

I hated my life... and then I fell in love with it

I did it all: cried, temporarily hated my partner, give up for a bit, dream big, make plans, get excited, look for friends, becoming best friend with Netflix, diving deep into topics I felt passionate about, ask for help, doubt myself, learn to accept myself, count my blessings, become better at being in a relationship… etc, etc, the list can go on and on and on. 

Now I know who I am and where I want to go. I know life will not be easy on me all the time but I know I can figure everything out. 

This is why you should join this experiential course:
  • Gain focus on what you really want to improve in your life and why.

  • Build a solid foundation for your life- long self- awareness journey: find out your core values, the meaning you give to life, how to make decisions you will not regret.

  • Identify the beliefs and thoughts that hold you back.

  • Learn how to express your emotions and your needs in the most efficient way.

  • Mindset work: understand what does it mean to carry on living as you do and what does it mean to change.

  • Implementing new habits, beneficial for your mental well-being (gratitude journal, simple self- care practices, etc).

  • Learn backed-by-science methods of dealing with negative thoughts, difficult situations, worries and low motivation.

  • Discover and draw your boundaries: find out what you want and what you need, what are you willing to do, what are you willing to sacrifice and what you want to fight for.

  • Learn a method that on a small scale can help with taking every-day decisions that you will not regret and applied on a bigger scale can help you set goals right.

This is what will happen:

Week 1 & 2: Be present

  • Analysing your current situation

  • Setting your goal for this program

  • Identifying our beliefs about the current situation

  • Express your current feelings and thoughts creatively

  • Learn to call emotions by their name and pinpoint negative, sneaky thoughts.

  • Learn to dispute your thoughts: A Cognitive Behavioral approach.

  • Nonviolent communication: how to talk with yourself, with others and about yourself in the calmest, efficient way

  • Discussion: telling your story and talking about your emotions.

  • Assignments: course reflection journal/gratitude journal/ thought journal (30- 60 min of individual work/ day)/ thought disputation.

Week 3 & 4: Reinvent yourself

  • Core values: know where the North is.

  • A life with purpose: find your purpose, create your motto.

  • Create a vision for the next 5 years.

  • Learn how to plan your day and become mindful one day at a time.

  • Uncomfortable thought: I can be happy and fulfilled living an ordinary life.

  • Assignments: - keep writing in the course reflection journal and keep a gratitude journal/ start a daily activities log/ create a self- care menu.

  • Practice thought disputation and create coping cards

Week 5 & 6: Do what matters

  • Looking for possibilities for a better future

  • Setting goals with a “bite” and looking beyond them

  • Find many ways to get what you want: Plan A, B, C and why not? D!

  • Mind the gap: bridging what you want with what you have.

  • Strategizing: using values to pick the best strategies

  • Your goal, your dream: a timeline for success (learn how to assess the importance and the emergency of your actions and how to plan accordingly)

  • Create a “safety net” plan, to help you deal with setbacks. 

  • Assignments: Demotivation prevention: looking for roadblocks and how to overcome them/ create coping cards.

Isn't life sweeter when you get more than expected?

I have some bonuses for you:

1 private coaching session (to be booked until 15th of December)


Personal development workbooks (you can keep them, reprint and reuse them)


My list of must- reads that change you to the core


A 1,5- hrs workshop on how to deal with worries  


= 80 EUR.

How do you feel about missing one of a kind opportunity?



  • To miss this means falling deeper and deeper into the pit of sadness and the void of a life without purpose. 

  • To miss this means at least one year of sitting on the sofa and reading books (instead of enjoying the time you have in many other ways you love).

  • To miss this means you turn your back to a future where you are more confident and proud of yourself.

  • To miss this means many more decisions you will doubt. 

  • To miss this means putting important relationships in danger.

Do not worry about money!

You can also pay in installments, 

2 x 85 EUR

Pay ONLY 157 EURO until the 1st of October

Full price: 217 EURO

Invest in Yourself & your Future!

Not happy? You can ask for a refund.

Because I believe in this course, you have the chance of asking for a refund in case the experience doesn’t satisfy you. 

Therefore: If you feel like you can get absolutely no value from this course and you addressed your struggles in the free 1:1 session, but with no results, please ask for a refund one day before the last meeting, the latest. 


Pay ONLY 157 EURO until the 1st of October

So, let's sum it up:

  • 6 weeks of interactive meetings (15.10- 19.11.2020, 7 PM Amsterdam time)

  • Learn skills you will be using for the rest of your life

  • Access to free bonuses that otherwise will cost you 80 EUR

  • Bring a sense of direction and purpose into your future

  • Experience what it means to take charge of your life

  • Learn to set yourself up for success, no matter the circumstances

Learn in just 6 weeks to put yourself at the center of your world, find balance and deal with change, worries and setbacks regardless of the circumstances.

For your fulfilment and the happiness of those who matter to you. 

Pay ONLY 157 EURO until the 1st of October

Do you need some help or more information?


Let’s get in touch:



Facebook: @lauracurtacoach

Instagram: @lauracurtacoach


It is possible to schedule a Skype/ Zoom meeting to meet and talk about this course. Inquire about this via email.

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