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Build your confidence by increasing your self-awareness.

In only 8 weeks.

Are you ready to get to know yourself better?

This is an 8-week challenge.

Each week you will receive a task that you can work on for a whole week.

Each task will require no more than 15 min of your time per day and is created so that you can work at your own pace. 

If you have any questions, you will be able to send them via email, and in 24 hours, I will answer them and give you my full support.

Each weekly challenge will be sent to you via email, Monday morning.


- emotions and emotional overwhelm

- limiting beliefs

- dealing with intrusive, unhelpful thoughts

- what the inner critic really wants to tell you

- how to ask for what you need and prioritise yourself

- how to create a sustainable and motivating vision for your future

- how to learn healthy optimism

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This is why you should join:


  • Dedicate 2 months of the whole year to yourself and your growth

  • Start your personal- development journey without much hassle

  • Find the limiting beliefs and unhelpful thoughts that get in your way

  • Find out how you can deal with your inner- critic (the easy way)

  • Learn how to decipher your emotions and ride emotional waves

  • Enrich your emotional vocabulary and use what you feel in your favour

  • Learn how to have a calm conversation with your inner-critic

  • Learn healthy optimism

  • Boost your self-awareness

  • Build your sense of confidence and self-reliance from within



Book a 60 minutes coaching session with me to ask any questions you might have or receive help in unpacking insights that might come up during this challenge.



My name is Laura, and I am a certified life coach in the Netherlands. 

I have a rather rich history of running away from self-development exercises. I would gladly sit hours after hours reading and learning about everything and anything related to psychology, but I was hitting a wall when it came to digging deeper. 


Knowledge is powerful, and I noticed many changes that happened just because I started to know better. But what for would we store so much knowledge if we don’t use it?

2021 marks the year when I started to put pen on paper and reflect on a more meaningful level. Many puzzle pieces fell into place faster than I expected, and I started to have a much better understanding of… myself. 

Now, reflecting and doing some work related to one’s mindset and emotions is, for me, an act of self-care and maturity. 


Therefore, Dare to Grow was born. 

It is a self-paced self-leadership challenge meant to take you a few steps out of your comfort zone, help you lay the foundations for strong confidence and boost your self-awareness.

I hope you will choose to join and if you have any questions, drop me a message here

Wishing you all the best, 

Laura C.



Dare to Grow

self- development challenge


boost your self-awareness and your sense of confidence in 2 months.

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