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Personal Values Cards
30 EUR
These cards can be used in:
- personal value elicitation during coaching sessions and workshops
-conflict management
-decision making
-goal setting
They can be used in self-coaching and by coaches, therapists, social workers and youth workers, teachers, workshop facilitators, team leaders and the list can go on.
Personal values are the cornerstone of self- awareness and help us understand our most profound and basic needs as to what makes us feel fulfilled, safe and happy.



"Tell something about yourself"
15 EUR
Let's be honest for a second: the typical "Hi, I am Laura, and I like books" is an old, boring introduction line. 
If you are an event organiser, you want to know your participants better and allow them to know each other.
These cards will make the introduction part fun and meaningful.  You will help everyone break the ice and settle comfortably for your workshop and event. 



These cards are a comprehensive list of human positive and negative traits, strengths and weaknesses. 

Each trait is explained, therefore, these cards can be used during English classes and can be handy when events are attended by people who do not have a very good command of the English language.


These cards are best used in teambuilding, debriefing and reflection groups, conflict management.

Such cards are useful when teaching and practising self- awareness, assertive communication and many more vital life skills with small, medium or large groups. 


"Something we all share: strengths and weaknesses"
40 EUR
* specifications: these cards are printed on natural cards, white, 300gr, 380um thick, resistant to ageing. The print is waterproof.
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