For those who want to know better, do better and be better

Here is a shortlist with the matters I can help you with:

  • dealing with life changes

  • walking with confidence through a season of change and instability

  • being assertive

  • managing your time better

  • being more productive, dealing with procrastination

  • keeping you accountable

  • putting in perspective your mindset (the way you relate to the world around you and with yourself)

  • exploring unused opportunities, find solutions and discover new perspectives

Do you feel stuck in your old habits, craving for a meaningful change? Are you applying the same strategies that brought you to this moment in life while looking for different results?

Can you expect different results if you do the same old thing?



I can help you to understand yourself better, find out which are your needs and values, discover your limitations, face them and overcome them.

My way of coaching is a successful blend of Cognitive Behavioural methods and life coaching techniques, I approach each matter in a down-to-Earth manner, aiming at creating a solid connection between the way you think, the way you behave and the way you feel. 

If you need help with all the above or there's something else on your shoulders which holds you back and takes away your peace of mind, try coaching. 

*A coach doesn't deal with mental disorders, depression, OCD or trauma- you can overcome these challenges with the help of a psychologist or psychiatrist.