From being lost to living a meaningful life

"We all have a predetermined future: the future that will come if we do not do anything different today than we have done yesterday if we do not dedicate ourselves to being wiser, more resilient and authentic."

What do you want for yourself and from your life?

I will try my best to illustrate in the most accurate manner the story of my clients. And their story was my story.  Could this be your story too? Are you also strong and determined to live a life on your own terms, to leave a legacy which extends beyond money and possessions?


Continue to read and let me know if you are also, the brave hero I will further depict. 


The people I have met so far are the heroes of their stories. And all these stories are set in a big, busy and always-changing world. Like the world, you and I live in. 


After leaving behind their homeland, they are trying to build a meaningful life. They are determined and motivated to do so. They want to live rather than survive and to do so by becoming more knowledgeable and capable individuals. Oh, knowledge… so many long for it.

They seek to balance work with personal life, to be grounded and authentic no matter what comes. There’s the urge to rise above life’s challenges and leave a legacy. They want to be able to make decisions without fearing they will regret them later, to be able to be good friends, parents and partners, to know when, where and for what to invest time, energy and resources.

How many times did you doubt your choices and find yourself investing precious time, energy and gave your all to people and things which weren’t worthy of your efforts while failing to see those who are closer to you and cheer for you and truly need you?

These heroes want to feel confident, invincible, content (satisfied with their past, their choices and their endeavours); they want to feel at peace with their life so far, building a better future, being hopeful and generous with their time, money or knowledge.

But all these high- spirited and noble goals are hard to achieve, it seems. It requires that you, the hero, to be brave and wise and have your heart set to improve yourself. 

“Why is it so hard?”, you might ask. 


The Soul Eater- are you one of its victims?


Well, you see, in the path to a better life lies a big, hungry and angry Soul Eater. It moves silently and very fast, it’s poisonous and if it is left to its own devices, it can become deadly.


The Soul Eater is no one else than the modern rushed life with its overwhelming abundance of choice, the pressure to be “someone”. The Soul Eater doesn’t bite, doesn’t stab and doesn't’ leave scars. It has more subtle, painfully slowly ways of transforming all it’s victims into lifeless bodies, with no purpose, direction or will. Did you ever see its victims?

The Soul Eater causes one to feel anxious, always looking back and living in the past. When you are attacked by the Soul Eater you lose focus and your choices seem to be not yours anymore, there’s no direction, you feel confused, don’t know who you are, where you belong and it seems like the whole world is looking down on you- you being a weak link, a burden, a lost cause, one. 

When the presence of the Soul Eater creeps in, you ask yourself what’s life’s meaning and your purpose right here and now. But there seems to be no answer. No answer to be found. Might you be doomed?

You are not! For many people fought this invisible demon, this faceless enemy, this pest. I am one of them.

You are the Hero. I am merely the Guide

I am a life coach and I believe in YOU

I, too, came to understand that in this big, vast world building a meaningful life can be a challenge- there are standards put in place, norms, expectations, too many choices but most of the time, no guidance.


After leaving my native country in late autumn, 2014, I came to appreciate that every single person on this planet can build a meaningful life in the place they find themselves, with a bit of determination and support.

Fighting the Soul Eater alone is a daunting and draining battle. Fighting it with determination and with the help of someone else, it can be defeated faster and your life becomes yours again.

I was of good help for many people who found themselves in the same position. Heros of their stories, turning misfortune into opportunity and claiming their life back. They left notes of our time together and I, myself, train to become better and better at fighting this monster and empowering others to do so.

Are you ready to create change and build the life you deserve?

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There will be no more wasted energy by being indecisive, unable to prioritise and always doubting and second-guessing yourself. Stop being insecure about who they are as a human being, at the core. End the long days when you go in circles without being able to break free from your past, insecurities, fears and failures. This is the future that awaits for you if you do not create a change.

We all have a predetermined future: the future that will come if we do not do anything different today than we have done yesterday if we do not dedicate ourselves to being wiser, more resilient and authentic.


What can you show for the passing of time, so far?

This can be the new, wiser and happier you


Accept my challenge and you will start having faith and hope in your future. Understand yourself better and take decisions accordingly to your values. Learn how to wisely decide, and stick with your choices- appreciate them and you won’t regret them later.

See yourself for who you truly are, make peace with yourself, become aware of your strengths and the value you possess.

Learn to accept yourself unconditionally and acknowledge that you can always learn and improve, that there’s no failure, only lessons learnt. 

Learn to accept and do not dwell upon what you cannot control but raise above difficulties while making the most of every situation. Build the life you want right here and right now, while lifting others to reach their potential, too.


"Leave a legacy which extends beyond wealth and riches. "

Move on from being a victim of a busy, demanding, cold and complicated world, from being one of many peers suffering from low self-esteem, feeling lost and insecure.

Raise above, take initiative, seek for yourself- the true Self and become confident, resilient, fulfilled and unshakable, assertive, generous with your time, money, kindness and knowledge.

"Become the best you can be- become your most reliable ally and leave behind a legacy worth remembering by those dear to you and those many more who will be enchanted by your new-found grace, power and wisdom."