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Welcome to my site!
My name is Laura Curta, and I am a life coach certified in the Netherlands.

This is my story

I was born in Romania, where I also lived until I finished university. Since then, I lived in Vilnius, and now I am in Geldrop, The Netherlands. 

I am a life coach and I am who I am today, as a person, because of self-development. Truth to be told, until I had to readjust, adapt and keep myself together while building a new life in a new country, I was pretty much oblivious of my internal world: my thoughts, how would they relate with my emotions, what did my impulsive e reactions mean, etc. 

Moving to the Netherlands hit me the hardest and then I truly started to look into personal development and psychology. The love to read is a family inheritance and combined with curiosity spells hours of sitting curled up on the sofa, reading. All this reading saved me many hours of crying, wishing things to be different, being lost and feeling like I go nowhere in life.

Many books later and working with a very helpful and no-nonsense coach, I decided to use my natural inclination towards learning, teaching and figuring out things in order to help others and do what I love. Therefore, Laura Curta Coaching was born.

Since then I took many courses in order to provide the best support for my clients, I worked with many important and impactful Dutch organisations, and I organised workshops and courses online and offline. 

When I do not learn or coach, I read, go for long dogs with my dog, take long biking trips with my partner, go to the gym or just stare in the distance wondering what's the meaning of life. 

Also, in my free time I worry a lot, suddenly become more aware of my imperfections and have to remind myself of all the good things that happened to me, all the wonderful things that happened because of me and that life is not defined by a few moments of doubt and some very misplaced insecurities... Long story short: I do what a human does best- lives life with ups and downs... Like riding a rollercoaster! :)

My dog is crying for attention (she needs a lot of it) so I will sum this up by welcoming you again to my site and wishing you all the best the world has to offer. :)

Take good care of yourself and if you think I can help you, please let me know. 

Laura C. 

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