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Welcome to my site. :)

On this page I will try to tell some things about me and my business. 

So, my name is Laura Curta. I am a life coach for expats and new entrepreneurs. 

I was born in Romania and I lived there until I finished university.

Being tired of being the "good and always achieving student" I decided to go as a volunteer somewhere in Europe. I applied for European Volunteering Service (nowadays known as Solidarity Corps). The plan was to go volunteer for about 10 months, return home, do the master degree and even the phD... Yes, like life listens to our plans. :))

I was chosen to go to Lithuania and help teachers in a kindergarten. The year is 2014. Off I went to Vilnius and little did I know that my life was about to change... forever: once I arrived there it was love at first sight- I simply felt like I arrived home. 10 months turned into almost 4 years. 4 of the best years of my life!!!

During my stay in Vilnius I adopted my first dog, I got to do a job I really enjoyed and for the first time in my life I was OK being on my own (one would say being a strong, independent woman... and I couldn't agree more :)) ).

Was I on my way of living a settled life? Noooo. In 2018 I moved in the Netherlands with my partner (he being Dutch). Oh, my! Suddenly I am jobless and the prospect of a job as I used to have is soooo far away. Far away in like...looking at a star which is 20 light years with a toy telescope... Also, fully dependent financially on my partner... Yey, new life... :\


So, what do I do? What is there to do?Bi''ch about it occasionally (sometimes more often than is humanly possible), find something to do (keep busy a bit) and return to Vilnius as often as possible (bless the cheap plane tickets and AirBnBs). Also, very very important: count you blessings (and my partner is at the top of "These people are a big blessing" list). 

In Romania we say that in all wrong there's something good. I can now confirm that: when I wasn't feeling down I was trying to do all the things I didn't get to do (mostly because I was too busy adulting) in the past years (read: I was reading a loooooooot and loving it). 

Around the end of 2018 it became obvious to me that my university degree is insignificant here and I started to capitalize on my natural strengths and some close- to- heart interests: personal- development and teaching. This is how I got into coaching. 

From now on, it is history: I started to live and breath my passion. Granted, it was a bold move to start a business in a city (or country, for what maters) where I knew nothing and no one (excluding my partner). But it all paid off. I got to go back to study (and I love studying), I got to meet amazing people and my mind simply bloomed. 

As I write this, life is good. Well, there are some ups and downs (I still hunt for cheap tickets to Vilnius and I am not a big fan of biking when the wind is wild) but I finally have a direction, a purpose and I use the best in me. I am not afraid to try and fail anymore. Now I am more confident in myself than ever (mind you, I am still nervous when I get out of my comfort zone and I have my decent share of insecure moments- as all the other ordinary mortals have). I also made peace with the things that I cannot control- I either work around them or accept them as they are. Oh, I also survived a pandemic, so yeah, life IS good. 

And my business? My business is my way of being myself and contributing to the society. I want to succeed and do so not for the money, but for the power I will have to help more without worrying about money. 

This is my story, on short. :) 

Feel free to write to me if you are interested in self- development or simply want to say hi and ask a question. 

Wishing you all the best in the world, 

Laura C. 

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