Life Coaching

While we all suffer in life, feel pain and fight our own demons, we do not have to be victims. 

Learn how to gather the courage to name your struggles, face them and make choices you'll always be proud of. 

It's not so much about how life is. It's what you make of the life you have.


About me

This business is created with a passion for self-leadership, with a dedication for people and a deep-rooted conviction that with a bit of help everyone can create a better life for themselves while living abroad.



  • Interactive. Insightful. Fun.

  • Online & offline. 

  • Public or for companies and organisations.


Let's organise events that bring people together and offer food for thought.

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What I can help you with

Find out what challenges we can approach together and the roadblocks I am the best fit to help you overcome.

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Essential questions for 
good decisions

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They tried coaching and changed their lives.

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